We want you to share this incredible experience with your students! You are invited to serve as a Campus Group Leader with all of your expenses paid. A minimum number of students is required per tour. It is usually 8 to 10.

Students return from these tours eager to talk through their options. Their world just opened up! It is important for them to have someone like you to provide follow-up support. Plus, you return with up-to-date knowledge that only a personal visit can provide!

Since we want you to engage with your group about the college processs, you are not responsible for any other type of duty on the tour. Our staff will provide all logistical, operational, and security duties. You will never be asked to perform hall duty or call parents about behavior. We will handle those details so that you may relax and enjoy the tour.

You are free to invite students to join your group (and help you meet the minimum) from anywhere. They do not have to be on your campus or in your city. Since our goal is to help as many students as possible "visit their future", we allow individual students to register on our tours. If you have a niece in another state or tutor students on another campus, they are welcome to join your team.

We have a limited number of spaces on each tour for counselors, IECs, and CBO leaders. If you are interested, let us know as soon as possible. We will provide posters, social media graphics, and other publicity materials personalized for your school or organization.


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